Allagash Roof Rakes
Revolutionizing the way snow is removed from roof tops!
Made in Maine
The HEAD is the muscle of this rake.  Heavy duty aluminum blades actually "slice" through built-up snow.  Attached to the bottom of the head is a teflon "shoe" that will protect roof shingles.  A plastic "slide" is attached to the blade head and completes the design.  The slide is what allows snow to slip effortlessly off the roof. This design has been around for 15 years. HEADS are also available specifically for metal or tin roofs. Heads for metal roofs will also work for asphalt shingled roofs.
POLES are constructed of heavy duty aluminum. Each pole is in 6' sections that are crimped at one end and snap together.  Use as many or as few as the job requires.
The BLOCK SPLITTER is a recommended accessory that "splits" large snow blocks as they slip down the plastic slide.  Split blocks are thrown to each side of the pole, protecting the user.
The REVERSER attaches to the blades of the head, allowing the rake to push snow from roof tops.  This accessory is helpful when users must position themselves on the roof to remove snow, such as on very high buildings.
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Allagash Roof Rakes